What do we know about herbs? How deeply are they all studied? Are we taking full advantage of their medicinal properties? In general, how seriously do we take herbal treatment, especially when we hear the phrase “well, drink weed”? It was these questions that became the main ones in our desire to create a new product based on the most studied and well-known medicinal plants. So how well do we know herbs? The only thing that can be said for sure is that herbs were on our planet long before the appearance of man, they grew, mutated, changed over time and accumulated certain biologically active substances. By the time our first ancestors appeared, most of the herbs most likely had already been formed in the form in which we now know them, and possibly with the set of active substances that we use today to treat the ailments of our body. We can also assume that primitive people did not have large beautiful gardens with bulk fruits and fields with various delicious vegetables, all the more so there were no supermarkets and fast food establishments filled to overflowing with various products. Yes, our ancestors, for the most part, ate all kinds of, more or less edible, parts of herbs and plants that grew in their habitats, over time, most likely, they knew exactly what herbs to use for various kinds of bodily pain. Accordingly, today we are on this plane to a greater extent thanks to herbs and those beneficial substances that they have learned to accumulate after millions of years of evolution.We are also sure that the period of interaction between the first people, as well as our near-ancestors, with herbs was very long, we can say that 99% of the time of the existence of the human race is the consumption of herbs and plants, both for the purpose of subsistence and for the purpose of treatment. Accordingly, we can argue that the human body is genetically adapted to the maximum to various active substances of most types of herbs and modern synthetic drugs are unlikely to boast such compatibility with our body, accumulated over millions of years, their appearance is simply the result of a modern lifestyle of a person. Then the question is – why, with such maximum compatibility, herbal treatment is practiced so relatively little in our society? Is it a lack of information and understanding about the therapeutic possibilities of herbs or their incorrect and ineffective use with a poorly pronounced therapeutic effect? We believe that both of these reasons are the main reasons for the insufficient use of medicinal plants, and their ineffective use significantly reduces the understanding of their enormous potential in the treatment of absolutely all types of human diseases. Therefore, in our activities, we decided to take a responsible and important step – to prove that herbs, properly selected and prepared in accordance with long-existing recipes, can effectively treat human diseases, fill the body with useful substances, give strength and energy, return to a normal emotional state.We will prove that properly prepared “weeds” and “herbs” that we encounter every day, without paying any attention to them, can help us cure our ailments. To this end, at the Sporysh enterprise, we have developed a line of functional phytosyrups with different directions of action on the human body. Our syrups are based on well-chosen herbal preparations, the active ingredients of which have a complex effect on certain organs. Phytosyrups are produced in accordance with long-standing methods of preparing infusions from various parts of herbs and trees that grow exclusively in the territory of our residence. We are more than confident in the great effectiveness of our syrups and hope that their correct use will change your health and your life for the better.
We will change your attitude to medicinal herbs!

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